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WIS #10 – Impact of Well-being and Mental Health on Safety

Impact of Well-being and Mental Health on Safety

How do you use ensure your workers are in good mental health and well-being? In episode ten of Women in Safety, sponsored by Safeopedia, we are chatting with Theo Heineman of 1 Life Workplace Safety Solutions Ltd. and Sylvia Marusyk of MindBody Works. We talk about our mental health and well-being from a neuroscience point of view, and how…

ST#7 – All About ISO45001 with Chris J. Ward

Part one of my discussion with Chris J. Ward about the new ISO45001 standard for occupational health and safety management systems. This episode gives listeners an insider’s perspective on the development of the new OHS standard, its requirements, and the benefits of adoption. Things are changing rapidly in supply chain management, and evolving trade agreements,…